Limited space?

Most Hongkongers face the same problem - tiny space to spare in the house. Every single corner appears to be crammed with furniture, toys, and all sorts of things (most of them I don’t even remember buying or needing).
Given the limits we have in terms of space, we need to be smart when came to picking the appliances. Our rule is: they have to be affordable and effective. Limited space for hanging the clothes out. A dryer is perfect for me to dry the clothes fast and kill bacteria with high heat.

Product Recommendation

Air-vented Dryer
Drying Capacity(kg): 4
Dryer Programs: 3
Country of Origin: Europe - UK

Great! That’s so slim!
The depth of Indesit dryer is just 490mm. And, the venting position is at the front which means you have the flexibility to remove it when you’re not using it. One more thing, the dryer can be mounted on wall which also helps to save more space.
Now, I can add a shelf for my kids to store their toys.