In the eyes of the family, I am a hero. Laptop won’t connect? I can sort it out, so easy. Leak under the kitchen sink? I gotcha. But when it comes to figuring out the programs and cycles on a washing machine...I’m completely lost.

We are as normal family in Hong Kong. My wife has a full time job, takes care of the little baby and makes sure the house runs flawlessly. Sure, I help. But I miss some organising skills she has. Yet, I always end up standing there, laundry basket in my hands, staring at the washing machine as if it were sort of mystery.

So, I ask my best helper : Internet.

And of course, I found exactly what I was after. Indesit’s Innex series. A few clicks and a little waiting later, and our new washing machine was there in front of me. Using it was as simple as 1-2-3, with its special Push&Wash+Dry feature.

Product recommendation

XWDE 751480X W UK
Front Load Washer Dryer
Capacity(kg): 7
Dry(kg): 5
Spin Speed (rpm): 1400
Country of Origin: Europe - Italy

Loading it, press a button. That’s it!

No need to set a program every time you have to wash the laundry if you are busy, no fiddling around with dial or multiple buttons. And 45 minutes later, the laundry is perfectly clean and dry.

The best part is my wife can relax, knowing I’m getting the job done.

And my baby still believes I am a hero.