Are you searching for a new washer dryer?

Here’s a guide to help you!
Washer-dryer is combine a washing machine and dryer (as the name you call…) in a single appliance, saving you a lot of time. When the cycle is over, not just they clean, but also dry!
The brief guide will walk you through step by step that can help you make an informed purchase.
Ready? Let ‘s get to it!

1. Always be the first : Pull out the tape measure!
Space and time have one thing in common : there never seems to be enough of either.
Before purchasing your washer-dryer, make sure you’ve sized up the space you have available.
Oh, and don’t forget to measure the width of the doors in your house! You wouldn’t want to receive your shiny appliance, only to discover it can’t get through the front door!
2. Weight your laundry
So...actually weighing it would be useful. Be carefully consider the average amount of laundry you and your family produce : it will determine the drum capacity of your new appliance, and this is one of the key pieces of info you need to take into account before making your purchase.

As usual, remember : an appliance drum capacity always applies to dry laundry, not wet. So , if the appliance you’re interested in has a 7kg drum capacity, that means it can accommodate the equivalent of 7kg of dry items. Of course, the laundry will weight a lot more when wet, but don’t worry, the appliance is designed to handle the extra weight.

3. Check the spin speed.

Spin speed indicated the number of spins per minute (rpm) the washer-dryer is capable of. They generally range from 0 to 1400rpm.
The spin cycle comes after the washing cycle and before the drying cycle kicks in.During the spin cycle, any water residue is extracted from your laundry. A higher spin speed removes more water than a slower one, and does so faster.

4. Time to choose

Indesit washer-dryer come equipped with a number of additional features. When planning your purchase, take the time to consider which ones you will need.

One button, zero hassle. In a hurry? Starting a wash and dry program now only takes two seconds. Indesit’s Innex series of appliance has stripped the washing process down to the minimum: a single push of a button. Whether you’re washing cotton, synthetics, or both, just press the orange Push & Wash+Dry button on your Innex washer-dryer, and you’re all set.