Product Details

Reverse Tumbling
The drum will be in the dry garment process for intermittent rotation, to avoid the single direction of the swing and formation of wrinkles, it greatly reduces the chance of clothing wrinkle.
Washable Filter
It filters fibres to avoid blockage of venting system. It is easy to clean and makes the filter more durable.
Front Venting Kit
Venting kit is located at the front which makes it easy to connect and install.
  • Drying Capacity : 4kg
  • Product Dimensions : 670(H) x 490(W) x 445* (480#) (D)/ mm
  • Program Selection : 3
  • Country of Origin : Europe - United Kingdom
    *Depth from front door to hose at the back (exclude door and button)
    #Depth from front panel to hose at the back (include door and button)
  • Standard Cotton Dry Program
  • Synthetics Dry Program
  • Acrylic Dry Program
  • Low Heat
  • High Heat
  • Cool Down Program Selection
  • Adjustable Drying Time: 0-120 mins